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10 Jul 2017

Selling your honey

Everyone knows that bees make honey, but beginner beekeepers are often surprised by exactly how much they produce.
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Learn, How-To, Getting Started
11 Sep 2017

8 Reasons to Start Beekeeping

Wondering about getting started with Beeking? Here are the 8 best reasons to go for it.
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08 Dec 2017

Bee Basics: How honey is made

All about the honey-making process from Ecrotek Beekeeping Basics – nectar collection, storage, extraction and packaging.
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04 Dec 2017

Protect bees, prevent stings – how to keep wasps out of your garden

Whether you’re a gardener, a beekeeper, or just love the outdoors, wasps in the garden are less than ideal. Painful stings are the most obvious downside, but wasps can also pose a significant threat to bees and hives.
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07 Sep 2017

How to get kids involved in beekeeping

Kids and beekeeping may not seem like natural partners. After all, beekeeping involves being patient, methodical and calm...
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18 Sep 2017

Common beekeeping mistakes

New beekeepers face a steep learning curve. Beekeeping is part science, part art, and it can take some time to get your head around the process.
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13 Feb 2017

Beekeeping in the city

You don’t need a huge property to become a beekeeper. In fact, urban hives are becoming more and more common in New Zealand...
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28 May 2017

Spring Beekeeping

Spring is nearly here, the days are getting longer, and it's time to get ready for increased population and swarming.
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01 Sep 2017

Starting Beekeeping

Whether you want 1 or 1000 hives, beekeeping can be a hugely rewarding hobby. Beehives take time; they need to be managed carefully...
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